Bedroom Sets

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A fresh new look to a classic design defines the Pompei bedroom collection. By adding ambient LED lighting with crystal and faux croc accents, we’ve given a timeless style a modern update.

Pompei Metallic White Full Bed Dimensions: 79″L x 59″W x 56″H Weight: 99 lbs

Pompei Metallic White Chest Metallic White Dimensions: 31″L x 16″W x 48″H Weight: 70 lbs

Pompei Metallic White Dresser Dimensions: 58″L x 16″W x 33″H Weight: 77 lbs

Pompei Metallic White Mirror Dimensions: 38″L x 1″W x 38″H Weight: 22 lbs

Pompei Metallic White Nightstand Dimensions: 22″L x 16″W x 24″H Weight: 27 lbs

Pompei Metallic White King Bed Dimensions: 82″L x 81.5″W x 56″H Weight: 125 lbs

Pompei Metallic White Queen Bed Dimensions: 82″L x 63″W x 56″H Weight: 103 lbs


The Riley puts a contemporary spin on old-world style. The luxurious silver finish and mirror accents add sleek, ultramodern touches, while a tufted headboard and footboard echo the traditional style of upscale, craftsman made furniture.

Riley Chest Dimensions: 33″L x 17″W x 48″H Weight: 93 lbs

Riley Dresser Dimensions: 62″L x 17″W x 38″H Weight: 123 lbs

Riley Mirror Dimensions: 42″L x 1″W x 36″H Weight: 34 lbs

Riley Nightstand Dimensions: 25″L x 17″W x 28″H Weight: 48 lbs

Riley Full Bed Silver Dimensions: 82″L x 56″W x 56″H Weight: 103 lbs

Riley King Bed Silver Dimensions: 87″L x 79″W x 56″H Weight: 135 lbs

Riley Queen Bed Silver Dimensions: 87″L x 63″W x 56″H Weight: 120 lbs


Want to get away? Our Santorini bedroom collection features a Coastal Contemporary design with decorative faux marble accents, elegant acrylic hardware and dazzling ambient LED lighting. Sure to transform any bedroom into your own personal island retreat.

Santorini Chest Dimensions: 33″L x 16.5″W x 47.75″H Weight: 92 lbs

Santorini Dresser Dimensions: 62″L x 16.5″W x 38.5″H Weight: 130 lbs

Santorini Mirror Dimensions: 43″L x 1″W x 41″H Weight: 42 lbs

Santorini Nightstand Dimensions: 26″L x 16.5″W x 29.25″H Weight: 54 lbs

Santorini Full Bed Dimensions: 80″L x 56.5″W x 60″H Weight: 114 lbs

Santorini King Bed Dimensions: 85″L x 79″W x 60″H Weight: 151 lbs

Santorini Queen Bed Dimensions: 85″L x 63″W x 60″H Weight: 125 lbs


Make your bedroom sparkle with the Seville bedroom collection. Featuring an on-trend weathered grey finish accented with just the right amount of bling, jewelry and under bed storage, the Seville offers uncompromising style and value.

Seville Chest Dimensions: 34.5″L x 17″W x 51.5″H Weight: 122 lbs

Seville Dresser Dimensions: 62″L x 16″W x 39.5″H Weight: 156 lbs

Seville Mirror Dimensions: 49″L x 39″W x 2″H Weight: 33 lbs

Seville Nightstand Dimensions: 26″L x 17″W x 27″H Weight: 52 lbs

Seville Full Bed Dimensions: 77.5″L x 57″W x 50″H Weight: 159 lbs

Seville King Bed Dimensions: 83″L x 79″W x 50″H Weight: 211 lbs

Seville Queen Bed Dimensions: 83″L x 63.5″W x 50″H Weight: 198 lbs


Introducing the Verona, a luxuriously appointed bedroom collection that will help you create an oasis of comfort and relaxation in your home. The Verona collection features a gorgeous blend of silver tones, making it a fitting choice for most room decors. This chest, dresser and nightstand incorporate several design elements including clean lines, spacious interior drawers, croc embossed drawer fronts, and silver hardware complete with rhinestone detailing. The Verona is constructed utilizing solid rubberwood. Quality craftsmanship in every facet of production ensures durability and long-lasting wear.  This bed incorporates several design elements including clean line headboard with crushed velvet upholstered inlay finished with crystal tufted detailing and a footboard that boasts textured croc inspired finish sure to add a touch of grace and elegance to this bed.

Verona Silver Chest Dimensions: 31″L x 16″W x 48″H Weight: 71 lbs

Verona Silver Dresser Dimensions: 58″L x 16″W x 33.5″H Weight: 85 lbs

Verona Silver Mirror Dimensions: 38″L x 1.5″W x 38″H Weight: 23 lbs

Verona Silver Night Stand Dimensions: 21.5″L x 15.75″W x 24″H Weight: 30 lbs

Verona Silver Twin Bed Dimensions: 79″L x 44″W x 56″H Weight: 79 lbs

Verona Silver Full Bed Dimensions: 79″L x 59″W x 56″H Weight: 101 lbs

Verona Silver Queen Bed Dimensions: 85″L x 65″W x 56″H Weight: 111 lbs

Verona Silver King Bed Dimensions: 85″L x 81″W x 56″H Weight: 131 lbs