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When you purchase the Marley Merlot bed, your bedroom will be transformed into an oasis of rest and style. This sturdy, sophisticated bed frame comes in King or Queen sizes with a deep, merlot red finish. The headboard and footboard is covered with a padded, tufted surface to create a luxurious look. The frame is a gloss-merlot and the tufted areas are black leather-like fabric.

MARLEY MERLOT-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 79 / 89 / 47
WEIGHT    135
MARLEY MERLOT-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 63 / 89 / 47
Weight: 120


As the focal point of our Marley Silver Bedroom suite, this Marley Silver Bed is a glamorous piece of furniture and comes in your choice of King or Queen sizes. This glossy white bed frame is embellished with a white tufted covering on the headboard and footboard and scrolled edges at each end of the frame. Its sleek lines and unique style make for a perfect bedroom makeover.

MARLEY SILVER-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 79 / 89 / 47
WEIGHT   135
MARLEY SILVER-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 63 / 89 / 47
Weight: 120


Sleep in regal bliss in this mirror champagne bed. Featuring a timeless elegance with a tufted upholstered headboard and mirror accents, this champagne colored bed brings the type of luxury into your bedroom typically reserved for royalty. Crystal jewel accents, nail head trim, and mirror accents make the bed sparkle in a way that will dazzle all who behold its splendor.

8856 CHAMP-KB KING BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 99 / 87 / 64
WEIGHT    241
8856 CHAMP-QB QUEEN BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 83 / 87 / 64
WEIGHT    196


Get ready for a bedroom makeover with this stunning bed that  has faux crocodile skin inlaid panels and mirrored accents for a look that’s simply stunning.  the Mirror Bed Group Storage bedroom set is sure to provide an unexpected luxe look and feel.
MIRROR CHOC-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 79 / 86 / 62
WEIGHT   241
MIRROR CHOC-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 63 / 86 / 62
Weight: 206


The Noma bed from Global Furniture is an adventure in modern living meets timeless design elements. The headboard doubles as a handy storage area for keeping essentials close at hand, and it’s padded, giving you a comforting touch while you sit in bed to watch TV. Drawers underneath the bed’s substantial frame give you room for storing clothing and other items, so your room stays tidy and neat.
The Noma’s personality is both noble and bold. Clean, elegant lines, beautifully-proportioned balance, and details like arched accent storage on the headboard and trundle-style storage under the bed add versatility as well as style.
NOMA-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 79 / 88 / 48
Weight: 240
NOMA-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 63 / 88 / 48
Weight   210


The North’s two-tone look and asymmetrical design are bold and cutting-edge. Featuring luxe zebra wood and LED accent lighting, the North is unmistakably contemporary, with the kind of upscale feeling that never gets old.
KING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 76 / 80 / 52
Weight: 295
NORTH-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 60 / 80 / 52
Weight: 263


Climb into the Pandora bed. This platform bed is just the thing for your contemporary bedroom makeover with its sleek white finish and rubberwood construction. The heavily padded headboard is line-tufted for added loft and softness and provides a great place for resting your back while you read. Pair this bed with the dresser and chest in the Pandora collection to bring unity and cohesion to your bedroom space.

PANDORA – WH-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 84 / 87 / 47
PANDORA – WH-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): L72 /87 / 47
Weight: 205
PANDORA – WH-FBFULL BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 66 / 83 / 47
Weight: 188


Enjoy ambient lighting for reading a book while reclined against the padded headboard of this Penelope bed. This headboard features a chic and shiny padded design and has onboard integrated LED lighting for enhanced functionality. The sheen of the metallic grey headboard contrasts with the faux crocodile trim of the footboard. Complete the look with other Penelope collection items.
The Penelope bedroom set combines traditional lines with contemporary touches that add a hint of glitz: think modern, uptown Paris. Innovative design features like integrated LED lighting above the mirror and headboard, Metallic Grey Finish faux croc skin inlays, and mirror accents give this set an unexpectedly luxe look and feel.
PENELOPE-KB KING BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 80 / 88 / 64
Weight: 289
PENELOPE-QB QUEEN BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 64 / 88 / 64
Weight: 247



The Riley puts a contemporary spin on old-world style. The luxurious silver finish and mirror accents add sleek, ultramodern touches, while a tufted headboard and footboard echo the traditional style of upscale, craftsman made furniture.
Old world style gets a makeover with this Riley bed from Global Furniture. This sumptuously appointed headboard features a soft padded front that lets you sit in bed comfortably while you binge watch your favorite shows. The upscale look is helped along by the deep tufting, which also serves to help the headboard keep its loft. Add it to your bedroom on its own, or buy the entire Riley collection to create a bedroom sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.

KING BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 79 / 87 / 56
Weight: 135

RILEY-QB QUEEN BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 63 / 87 / 56
Weight: 120

RILEY-FB FULL BED Dimensions (L x D x H): 56 / 87 / 56



Give your bedroom a makeover with the glorious Rosa bed. This bed is traditional yet distinctly modern, with it’s gorgeous black upholstery accents, fine antique black varnish, and high headboard for comfortably resting your pillows against. Made from chip board, plywood, and veneer, it’ll be the centerpiece of your bedroom with it’s impressive high end look. The Rosa bed is sure to impress everybody who sees it.
If your tastes run modern but you appreciate the warmth of more traditional pieces, you’ll find the perfect combination in the Rosa. Luxurious upholstered accents, nickel hardware and an antique black finish are reminiscent of fine antiques, but sleek, clean lines give the Rosa an unmistakably high-end designer edge.
ROSA-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 79 / 84 / 51
WEIGHT    89
ROSA-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 63 / 84 / 51
Weight: 75


Sleep in sleek style with the Scarlett bed. Crafted from a combination of MDF and particle board, the Scarlett bed is durable and stylish. High-gloss silverline finish combined with zebra gray high-gloss finish creates a chic appearance that’s sure to be the centerpiece in your bedroom. A uniquely shaped headboard features backlit LED accents, enabling you to see in the dark. The Scarlett bed is available in king, queen, and full sizes.
The Scarlett is as strikingly sexy as it is contemporary. Defined angles and clean, straight asymmetrical lines frame out each piece. The high-gloss silver line finish paired with zebra grey, and backlit LED accent lighting on the headboard highlights the unique angles in any light.
SCARLETT-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 90 / 83 / 52
WEIGHT   212
SCARLETT-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 78 / 83 / 52
WEIGHT   195
Dimensions  (LxDxH) 72 / 79 / 52
WEIGHT    180
Weight: 31


Give your bedroom a country makeover with this Victoria bed from Global Furniture. This bed features a weathered finish for a rustic look and is made from wood and wood veneers for lasting beauty. The storage headboard gives you space for storing books and collectibles, adding to your room’s tidy, neat look.A warm, rustic oak finish and generous, balanced style lends each piece a traditional feel, while clean lines, metal accents, and a louver effect footboard blend the old and new seamlessly for a transitional look with timeless class.
VICTORIA-KBKING BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 80 / 84 / 59
VICTORIA-QBQUEEN BEDDimensions (L x D x H): 64 / 84 / 59
Weight: 124