We combined our Marley Merlot bedroom furniture to offer you a complete bedroom set. Create a restful haven for sleep by purchasing this set with your choice of a King or Queen size bed frame, the dresser and mirror combination, a chest, and the Marley Merlot nightstand. With a glossy merlot colored finish and beautiful antiqued-silver drawer pulls, you’ll feel like royalty. Featuring traditional Louis Phillippe styling and classic lines coupled with a rich merlot finish, tufted headboard, and plenty of modern glamor, the Marley combines tradition with the luxe touches you love.

Marley Merlot Chest Dimensions:  32″L x 16″W x 48″H  Weight:  75 lbs

Marley Merlot Dresser Dimensions:  58″L x 16″W x 33″H  Weight:  88 lbs

Marley Merlot Mirror Dimensions:  38″L x 1″W x 38″H  Weight:  22 lbs

Marley Merlot Nightstand Dimensions:  22″L x 16″W x 24″H  Weight:  27 lbs

Marley Merlot Full Bed Dimensions:  84″L x 57″W x 47″H  Weight:  98 lbs

Marley Merlot King Bed Dimensions:  89″L x 79″W x 47″H  Weight:  113 lbs

Marley Merlot Queen Bed Dimensions:  89″L x 63″W x 47″H  Weight:  96 lbs